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Frequently Asked Quesitons

Blood & Component Donation

Myth #1: Giving Blood Hurts

Fact: The only pain you’ll feel is the quick prick of the needle when it is inserted. The area may be slightly sore afterwards, but any discomfort you feel is minor compared to the good you’ll do by giving the gift of blood.

Myth #2: If I Donate Blood, I Won’t Have Enough Left in My Own Body

Fact: Only about one pint of blood is collected. The average adult has approximately 10 pints of blood, and after donating, your body makes new blood to replenish what is lost. If you drink enough liquids, your body will replace lost fluids within a few hours. It will take a few days to replace all of your red and white blood cells.

Myth #3: It takes a long time.

Registration and processing times vary, but blood donation itself takes around eight to 10 minutes. Registration involves filling out a form with personal information and verifying your identification. Then you’ll answer questions about health and travel history, and receive a brief physical examination to determine if you’re eligible to donate blood. Your personal information will remain confidential. You’ll also be required to spend some time recovering before you leave. Don’t worry, there will be refreshments!

Myth #4: I’m too old.

While the age for donation without consent from a parent or guardian is 17, there is no upper age restriction so long as you meet the eligibility requirements for donating.

Myth #5: Health deteriorates after donating blood.

If you are healthy prior to donation, your recovery is complete in a day or two. It is advised to rest a while after donating. Drinking enough liquids replaces the lost fluid within a couple of hours. The body produces new cells faster after a donation. All the RBCs are replaced within 3-4 days and WBCs within 3 weeks.

Myth #6: You cannot take part in sports or other physical activities after donating blood.

Giving blood does not interfere with ability to perform physically. Advice to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous workouts for the rest of the day is given after the donation. You can get back on track the next day.

Myth #7: I Can’t Give Blood because I Take Medication

Fact: As long as you are healthy, most medications will not disqualify you. You should provide the staff at the blood donation center with information about any medications you’re taking at the time of donation.

Myth #8: I Can Contract HIV or Other Infections if I Donate Blood

Fact: A new sterile needle is used each time and is then immediately discarded. Strict procedures and the use of sterile equipment make it highly unlikely that you’ll develop an infection of any kind.

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